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The First Automatic Workout Tracker
TrackMeUp can identify and record your workouts in the background. Now you can forget about mental math and writing down reps.
The Smartest
Workout Tracker
Using Apple Watch and TrackMeUp will constantly track your workouts in the background, so all you need to do is check the results in the app.
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Why existing solutions are out-of-date?
Writing down reps manually into paper-tracker or using fitness app swallow your workout time
Only some valuable info is logged
Standard kits of sets & reps are not the only worthwhile workout info, some other metrics should be recorded as well
Interrupt your training
Traditional trackers make you jot down progress during your workout and interrupt your workout tempo

TrackMeUp offers a seamless
solution for your workouts
Automatic exersice tracking
TrackMeUp will record your exersices and reps automatically, so you can focus on training, with assurance that your progress is being tracked
Works in the background
Have you forgotten to log your progress and didn't get the correct statistics? This doesn't happen with TrackMeUp. Run the app and start your workout, we will do everything for you
We're secure
TrackMeUp doesn't need an internet connection to accompany you during workouts. All your info is stored on your device because we care about your data security. TrackMeUp won't send your data anywhere without your permission
Interface Friendly
You are not alone, your companion Bro will guide you during trainings
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